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Commissioners of Swedish Trade and Investment Committee Visit Our Center
Published:2014-06-16 Hits:2710

On the morning of June 16, 2014,  Mr. Erik-Wilhelm Graef Behm who is a commissioner in smart grid areas in Gothenburg, Sweden and Miss Li Songhong who is the project manager of Commerce Department of Swedish Trade Investment Committee of Swedish Consulate-General in Shanghai, visited the National Energy Smart Grid (Shanghai) R & D Center. Both sides exchange views on the smart grid development of his own country. Miao Zhu who is the associate director of SSGC host the meeting.


Associate director of SSGC Miao Zhu introduced our innovations in the field of smart grid, engineering education, and international cooperations to the guests. Mr. Erik-Wilhelm introduced the development in the field of smart grid and business development situation of his country. And they expressed great interest in the cooperation with SSGC on smart grid. The two sides also discussed future cooperation between China and Switzerland in the field of smart grid. After the meeting,  Mr. Erik-Wilhelm and Miss Li Songhong visited SSGC and Wind Power Research Center.


Through this communication, the two sides have deepened understanding and laid a good foundation for the future cooperation.


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