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Institute of Renewable Energy Integration
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        Xu Cai        Director of the Institue

The Institute of Renewable Energy Integration has been researching grid-connected technologies of large-scale wind turbine, grid-connected technologies of high-capacity battery energy storage and electrical control system of wind turbine. We have developed 1.5MW, 2MW and 3.6MW wind power converters for DFIG and 3MW full-power converter for SCIG;
the former has been industrialized by Shanghai Electric Co. and the latter is in the pilot phase. We are researching on the intellectualization of highvoltage power module and its application in midvoltage power converter of wind turbine. We have
developed 1.25MW DFIG control system and 2MW independent pitch control system. The research of high-voltage direct-screening integration equipment of large capacity battery energy storage system is in the development stage. We are researching on Key technologies of large-scale wind turbine for Microgrid to improve wind power penetration limit. On
the aspect of wind turbine and wind farm dynamic modeling techniques, we have established a dynamic mirrored model that is based on the PSCAD and Power Factory for the major domestic manufacturers. All those have laid the foundation for the grid simulation including large-scale wind farm. We are researching on the key technologies of large-scale and grid-friendly wind farm as well as clustered coordinated control system for wind farm. We have gotten a series of theoretical results on the system analysis and economic evaluation on offshore wind by using DC convergence transmission. On the aspect of
DC-DC converter used in DC grid, we have made the theoretical research and the experimental prototype development.


The Institute undertakes 863 projects of National Science and Technology as well as a number of projects of International Cooperation, National Natural Science Foundation of China, wind power company, the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, and other enterprise.

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