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Institute of Smart Distribution and Utilization
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        Dong Liu       Director of the Institue

The Institute of Smart Distribution and Utilization has been studying modeling of smart distribution system and utilization as well as cyber-physical system, active distribution network and self healing of smart distribution grid. The intelligent distributed feeder automation technology, which was firstly proposed by Institute of Smart Distribution and Utilization in domestic, was experimentally applied in a distribution ring network of Shanghai Lujiazui area in 2009, and afterwards applied in eight distribution ring networks of Shanghai World Expo smart distribution grid demonstration project in 2010, It has become one technology highlight of Shanghai Expo smart distribution grid. The related outcomes have become the industry standards. On the aspect of wireless power transmission technology, we have successfully developed a 50W (for implantable medical devices) and 1.5kW prototype (maximum efficiency up to 91%). As one of the initiators, Institute of Smart Distribution and Utilization is establishing "the wireless power transmission technology innovation alliance" together with fi ve units including Qingdao and Haier Group.


The team in our institute has a good research base on modeling, analysis and control aspects of the smart power distribution and utilization. The team has a high level of activity in the field of smart power distribution and utilization. The Institute undertakes 863 projects of National Science and Technology as well as a number of projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the State Grid, and China Southern Power Grid.


The team is currently conducting comprehensive research, development and layout in certain technologies and has achieved a break through a number of projects. Those technologies include information model and verifi cation, information physical systems CPS modeling, advanced applications, self-healing control, distributed energy integration, active distribution networks, smart power utilization, and so on. In recent five years, we have published 4 monographs as well as 100 papers, including 25 in SCI retrieval and 60 in EI retrieval, and declared 20 invention patents.

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