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Institute of Smart Transmission & Distribution
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          Xiuchen  Jiang      Director of the Institue

The research of the Institute of Smart Transmission and Distribution is mainly on power transmission and distribution (overhead lines, cables, power distribution) equipment, including integrated monitoring, condition assessment, line fault location, quick positioning of equipment failure, dynamic capacity increase, and application of superconducting technology. We have proposed a series of new techniques and methods, particularly those based on partial discharge monitoring,
fault location algorithm, highly reliable and lowcost integrated monitoring of all-station equipment, the transformer developed by the second-generation superconducting technology, GIS intelligent components, series online monitoring system, fault location and superconducting current limiter, which get a lot of practical application. Design of various types of sensor, acquisition and processing of equipment and information, and advanced data application technology of the Institute reach
the international advanced level.


We have achieved overall progress on superconductivity technology in 2013. The first domestic second-generation high-temperature superconducting tape test line whose annaul production is 300km has come into debugging phase. About half of its core equipment has been localized. The prototype testing of the fi rst large-capacity DC current limiter has been completed. Due to its outstanding heating performance and energy efficiency, the superconducting DC induction heating system is entering the market rapidly. Shanghai Superconducting Science and Technology Co., which was jointly established with Jiangxi Commercial Group, is responsible for comprehensively promoting the industrialization of superconducting technology. The Research Center for Superconductor Materials and Applied Engineering (Shanghai), which is under building, has been studying in a number of aspects of advanced superconducting technology. Its 5,000 square meters research center is also in stepping up construction. The research center with an area of 5,000 square meters is in stepping up construction.


The Institute undertakes 973 and 863 projects of National Science and Technology as well as a number of projects of International Cooperation, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the State Grid, and China Southern Power Grid.

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