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The second generation high temperature superconducting tapes and Their Applications
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The latest progress of superconducting technology:

- Tres Amigas National renewable energy hub of three major power projects will link the United States, so that the power distribution and storage and more scientific.

- Three superconducting power cable connection directly with the cable provided by the AMSC.

- Transmission capacity of 5000 MW per km cost of superconducting cables for the eight million to 13 million U.S. dollars.      This 765 kV line with the traditional cost per kilometer was close, which is 7 million to 10 million U.S. dollars.

- The entire project cost 10 billion dollars, is expected to be completed 5 years.

- Commercial resistive superconducting current limiter into operation in late 2009. Manufactured by the Nexans SuperConductors GmbH. Purchaser for the ASL UK and Vattenfall Germany.

- Power in the Berlin area has been successfully tested. Two products are three-phase resistive superconducting current limiter.

Superconducting cable

Superconducting current limiter

Research on the second generation of superconducting tapes:

- "Second-generation high-temperature superconducting tape manufacturing technology" project has been listed as Shanghai Innovative Research platform construction project, SuperPower talents through the introduction of the United States, with a total capital investment has been more than 30 million.

- Coating systems have been completed and the core technology: continuous dynamic laser and magnetron sputtering system design is based on a small scale trial production requirements, an international leader in technology.

- Master is the only continuous, dynamic preparation of the second generation high temperature superconducting tapes technology units.

- YBCO superconducting layer to obtain the critical current density up to 4 × 106 A/cm2 results of the world's leading.

- Science and Technology in 2010 exceeded the targets assigned 100A/100m.

- Power in the Berlin area has been successfully tested. Two products are three-phase resistive superconducting current limiter.

Application of superconducting technology:

- Through the introduction of talent, and with the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute and other units to cooperate in superconducting cables superconducting current limiter with strategic layout aspects.

- Study of superconducting current limiter followed by the latest international research and development achievements in the resistive superconducting current limiter focus on aspects.

Superconducting tapes and application technology of the overall planning:

- The second generation high temperature superconducting tapes based on the formation of industry 3 years in the trial, carrying capacity target to 200 ~ 500A, with the length of target material to reach 500 ~ 1000m.

- The superconducting current limiter as a guide, 3 years to complete resistive superconducting current limiter module for basic research, undertaken in cooperation with the State Grid Corporation of current limiter development of practical.

- Actively seek the introduction of talent, in the superconducting cable and motor aspects of the layout of superconducting.

- The future will be formed from high temperature superconducting materials, superconducting applications to a complete industrial chain and become a leader in superconducting technology R & D.

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